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Sam Songailo

Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842

Sam is an Adelaide artist who is inspired by electronic music, Songalio creates 3-d portraits full of colour. Sam's practice is based in painting and includes large scale installations and video. In his childhood he remembers hearing hardcore techno tape at a party in high school from their car. It was the most alien and exotic thing he had ever heard and led to an ongoing love of electronic music back. The emptiness and coldness of electronic music is a feeling he try to impart into his art work.


He was the recipient of the Adelaide Critics' Circle Emerging Visual Artist Award (2010). He holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from the University of South Australia. He has exhibited extensively in alternative gallery spaces in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Sam is essentially a transformer of gallery walls and public spaces into hypercolored explosions of pattern. He first began exhibiting as a 2-dimensional painter in 2006 and soon discovered that the canvasses he worked on, with all of their hard edges and limitations, were hardly sufficient to contain the complex circuit board-like pathways he painted.

He then found himself experimenting with the spaces beyond the canvas, first by painting on walls and then by exploring the whole of the 3-dimensional spaces he was exhibiting in.

His work takes form in painting, installation, video, sound and sculpture. He is deeply influenced by digital technology and electronic music adopting algorithms and concepts from these disciplines that shape his approach to both physical and pictorial space.

He sees most of the work he does as part of the same project. He's not really choosing a distinct theme for each wall he paints or art work he creates. The themes follow the general line of enquiry that he explores through his work. When painting a mural, working on an installation or within an environment of any kind he likes to take into account his surroundings and let the physical characteristics of the space play a role in developing a design. The work is integrated into its surroundings and feels a part of its environment. His goal is to enhance a space rather than impose.


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Stiebel Place, Frankston VIC