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Sam Songailo

Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300 322 842

The mural is a site specific response to the space informed by the architecture it occupies.


Artist Bio:
Sam Songailo's work takes form in painting, installation, video, sound and sculpture. He is deeply influenced by digital technology and electronic music adopting algorithms and concepts from these disciplines that shape his approach to both physical and pictorial space. Often highly immersive and realised on a monumental scale, his work accentuates the compositional elements of line and space in a form that recalls both the modernist grid and digital networks.

Sam is an Adelaide artist who is inspired by electronic music, Songalio creates 3D portraits full of colour. Sam's practice is based in painting and includes large scale installations and video. In his childhood he remembers hearing hardcore techno tape at a party in high school from their car. It was the most alien and exotic thing he had ever heard and led to an ongoing love of electronic music. The emptiness and coldness of electronic music is a feeling he tries to impart into his art work.

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Stiebel Place, Frankston VIC