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"The artwork titled ‘Rise’ calls upon Oneself to face their inner Demons in order to find inner peace. This can also be reflected as a Call to Action to Unite during times of crisis. The Artist’s role now is to inspire the Collective during the uncertain times of the Global Pandemic. Honouring my Eastern background by incorporating the Dragon and the depiction of the ‘Superhero’ Self as the Girl in artwork. Rising above the Fear to answer your Calling in Life, in my case it is the pursuit of my Arts practice with stronger determination and being grateful for the opportunity to contribute to society in a positive Light." Wina Jie. 

Artist Bio
Artist Wina Jie creates imagery exploring the Asian Australian Identity Experience. Her past body of work Dichotomy (2008), Dis-Oriental (2009), Metamorphosis (2010), Floating Life (2016) and Zodiac Dreaming (2017) explores self-portraiture with Hybrid Eastern and Western creatures and landscapes.

Wina Jie works as a freelance Graphic Designer with a Fine Art, Film and T.V. background. Specialising in designing Art murals, Photography and Illustrations.

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Thompson Lane, Frankston