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Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842


Melissa Turner found that for her, painting was a language and was an effectual way for her to connect and communicate with the world. Melissa has also mastered the unique art of metal manipulation, engaging with a diverse range of materials to create stunning sculptures. With a strong desire to support those less fortunate, Melissa has donated many paintings to charities and fundraisers. She also helped initiate Street Art Solutions, as supported by Melbourne’s Murals. Melissa is an artistic expert who has the ability to turn any area into a fun, exciting and inspiring place.

Since developing a love and passion for art at a young age, Brigitte Dawson has proven herself to be a talented artist, painter and sculptor. After spending time in Italy, Brigitte drew on the inspiration from the culture and Michelangelo to focus on the delicate art surrounding the finesse of the human body. Completing her first mural in 1992, Brigitte has since completed murals all around Melbourne. Her artwork has been displayed in numerous exhibitions, proving her to be a well-respected, highly talented member of the art community.

Melbourne's Murals have made the bold choice of a lion in the hopes that it would remind viewers to be fearless in the face of adversity. 

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