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Blue Banded Bee

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"This mural is starring our native Blue Banded Bees, that can be found in our own backyards here in Frankston! These beautiful insects are very small just over 1cm but are super important for pollinating our native plants. Unlike the honey bee, they ‘buzz pollinate’ by vibrating their wings which for some native plants is the only way they can be pollinated. Bringing native flowers into our gardens will help attract these beauties and keep our environment thriving. Next time you’re in the garden maybe you will see some of these blue beauties dancing around your flowers!" Maxine Gigliotti. 

Artist Bio
Maxine Gigliotti is an artist based in Frankston, Victoria. Spending half her time painting the other half teaching and performing circus. She grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, fascinated by the natural world around, drawing the beautiful birds and animals she’d see. This love of nature has continued into adulthood with most of her inspiration coming from the environment around us. Her passion is to make and share art that brings joy to the community and highlights our natural world.

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Map & Directions

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