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As She Lay

Arts and Culture Frankston


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This artwork was inspired by reconnecting with nature. The artist believes that immersing yourself in nature regularly has a great impact on humans flourishing—our social, psychological, and emotional life. Being in nature, living near nature, or even viewing nature in paintings and videos can have positive impacts on our brains, bodies, feelings, thought processes, and social interactions. Lizzio wanted to bring a little piece of this to the backstreets of Frankston.


Artist Bio:
Loretta Lizzio is a Gold Coast based artist and illustrator whose work adorns walls and galleries throughout Australia and beyond. Her work explores romanticism, nature and evokes a strong sense of nostalgia. This is the result of carefully layered mixed mediums including oil paint, acrylic, resin and gold leaf. Forgotten fairy tales, spectacles of cinema, fleeting glances and dog eared National Geographic’s are Lizzio’s inspiration to make art and tell her stories.

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3 Stiebel Place, Frankston VIC 3199