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  • All Walks


    Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee as you settle into one of the City’s many cafes featuring fresh sandwiches, super smoothies, delicious burgers and unique vegetarian and vegan delights.


    Take a moment to enjoy a long lazy lunch, Sunday brunch or mid-week indulgence with family and friends.


    Frankston’s abundant natural outdoor spaces and attractions make it an ideal destination for exploration and discovery. From internationally significant wetlands and flora and fauna reserves to manicured botanic gardens and hidden waterfalls, Frankston beckons people outdoors.

  • Outdoor Dining

    From Frankston to the CBD, to Seaford and beyond, outdoor dining is alive in Frankston City. Discover unique outdoor dining experiences serving up diverse cuisines in laneways, streets and open spaces.  

    There’s never been a better time than this summer to soak up the rays, reconnect with friends, and dine safely - alfresco style - amongst a variety of new and innovative dining installations.