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Online FrankTALK with Darry Fraser

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Date: Friday 4 December
Time: 11am-12pm
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The Last Truehart, a novel from the bestselling Australian author, Darry Fraser. It is her latest novel about a woman all alone in the world and a charismatic private detective that are caught up in a dangerous quest to discover her true identity, in this thrilling historical adventure romance set in 19th century Victoria.
Her first novel, Daughter of the Murray, is set on her beloved Murray River where she spent part of her childhood. The Murray River Runs, is her second novel, set in Bendigo in the 1890s, and her third novel, The Widow of Ballarat, takes place on the Ballarat goldfields in the 1850s. Darry currently lives, works and writes on Kangaroo Island, an awe-inspiring place off the coast of South Australia. 

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