Where to get the best views of the Waterfront Festival fireworks this weekend

Let us help you find the best spot to see the fireworks at the 2024 Frankston Waterfront Festival

Frankston's much anticipated Waterfront Festival is on this weekend (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February 2024). A weekend chock full of free and affordable activities, experiences, music, food and drink - festival Saturday culminates with an epic fireworks display. 

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Festival Fireworks! 5 Top Spots to See the Show at The Waterfront Festival 2023

Hitting The Waterfront Festival this year and want to choose the best spot to see the fireworks? Or maybe you are skipping the live music and entertainment and want a seat away from the buzz to watch the night sky light up with colour. Either way, we have you covered! Saturday 18 February is sure to go off with a bang when fireworks are released off Frankston Pier following You Am I’s set on the Waterfront Stage. So grab your camera and let us show you around the 5 best places to see the fireworks at this year’s Waterfront Festival.

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Bursts of colour, music that makes you move & food with flair - Welcome to the Ventana Fiesta

Ventana is an incredible celebration of over 25 countries that shine with their colourful traditions and cultures. The fiesta lets you experience the vibrancy of these through dance, music, food, sports and arts.   

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The Waterfront Festival Fireworks - The best places to see them both near and far!

After a long hiatus, Fireworks are back with a bang for this year’s Waterfront Festival!  While a spot in the sand, not far from the pier, and landmark bridge are always popular vantage points, we know there’ll be some who are keen to enjoy the fireworks from more of a distance. Here are the best spots to view them, plus a few fun fireworks facts you can impress your mates with!

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