Your go to guide - Big Picture Fest 2023

Frankston’s legendary street art festival, the Big Picture Fest is back!

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Meet Joel Van Moore, aka curator, Big Picture Fest 2023

Now in its 6th year, Frankston's legendary Street Art Festival is back.

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Frankston get ready for an avalanche of colour - Big Picture Fest is back

The Big Picture Fest (BPF) is returning to Frankston for its 5th year, and is set to light up Frankston again with colourful new murals and masterpieces.

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Meet the curator of the Big Picture Fest

Joel Van Moore, aka Vans the Omega, is the curator of the Big Picture Fest. Now in it's 5th year, the festival leaves an incredible creative footprint on the city of Frankston. Celebrating this special milestone, we asked Joel some questions in the lead up to this year's event.

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