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Kangaroo Apple

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Public Sculpture by Maree Clarke and Vicki Couzens of Victoria

Aboriginal culture originates in connection to Country. As custodians and caretakers of Country through ongoing cycles of honouring and renewal we nurture and replenish the Land enacting ceremony and song.

The kangaroo apple is a symbol of this time of the renewal (spring); a time of plenty, of the gathering of the clans, the changing of the seasons.

Materials: Bronze 

Dimensions: 750 x 200cm

This work will be resting casually on a rock alongside the boardwalk as if it had just been placed there, awaiting the return of the owner to pick it up and continue on their daily business. It will indicate to the casual observer or passerby the presence of Aboriginal people going about their daily domestic activities, gathering food,  preparing food, perhaps fishing.  

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