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Artist: Phin Murphy, Sinatra Murphy & Andrew Hogg Design © 2022

The artwork Scale melds the themes of water, movement, and marine heritage via the narrative of the epic migration of the Short-finned Eel. This great movement is depicted as imagery of adult eels travelling downstream in Kananook Creek to re-enter the marine environment after an adult life in fresh water. Their migratory pattern is mirrored in the artwork’s programmed seasonal lighting.

Differing shades of blue echo water ripples and increase the sense of visual movement while the artwork’s title ‘Scale’ and its modular composition, represent schooling fish and a long tradition of fishing. Blue reflects the additional theme of water and Frankston’s geographic, historical and cultural connection to waterways.

Located at Fletcher Road Underpass, Dandenong Road West, Frankston

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Fletcher Road, Frankston 3199