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To active this artwork head to Thompson Lane in Frankston, download the Big Picture Series app, find the Frankston Festival and point your camera at the artwork to see it come to life!

Artists: Vans the Omega, Adelaide

Joel Van Moore aka Vans the Omega has been a part or the global scene for decades and has painted commission artworks since 1994.

Joel’s work is heavily influenced by ancient scripts, architecture, engineering and pattern making. His works pays homage to the natural world through his use of dynamic body movement, gesture and colour derived by observing the immediate environment.

Moving beyond the spectrum of graffiti, Joel’s current work is a collision of geometric patterns translated into vibrant figurative pieces. These works aim to create inner movement, reflection and the overwhelming sense of beauty when viewed at street level. A huge focus is telling local stories which highlight individuals.

Since the year 2000 he has travelled to 50 countries while painting, exploring and discovering more about his art practice and personal journey.

Recently his art practice has focussed on refining his skill set and moving into sculptural works via 3D animation and modelling as the world shifts into a digital era.

Big Picture Fest 2022
Thompson Lane, Frankston
You can see this piece on a Street Art Walking Tour: Street Art Walking Tours (discoverfrankston.com)

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Thompson Lane , Frankston 3199