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Tree of Dreams

Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300 322 842


The outside world seems like a very different place now, not as warm, welcoming and safe as it used to seem. We are bombarded with stories of illness and fear daily from the mass media and around the world. We have become afraid to hug and leave our homes and this is taking a toll on our well-being, our spirit, our community and our ability to feel positive about the future …The Tree of dreams’ is a reminder that within all of us there is still joy if we allow ourselves to feel it. It is a mindful moment to dip into that place of joy within, a place of love, and of hope beyond fear. A reminder to dream of a positive future. 

The visuals are the setting of childhood – a timeless moment of bare feet, blue skies and limitless dreaming. A time when anything was possible. What if you could return to that time and place again, just for a moment?

Dream away at the ‘Tree of dreams’….

Artist Bio:
Sara Catena was raised on a diet of nature, traditional handcrafts, and pots of tea, in a small country town on the coast of New Zealand, moving to Melbourne in early 1992.

A local Frankston resident, Sara’s uplifting and naïve work inspires art teachers and students worldwide…she has worked with teachers and children from places as far flung and diverse as Bahrain and Uruguay…she delights in seeing the results and connecting with them personally via skype.

“As a painter, I work narratively with acrylic, oil stick and embroidery thread on recycled elements. These works express my natural delight and enthusiasm for life… a vitality and a joy that speaks to the heart. My beautiful sensory installations are highly kinaesthetic immersive art spaces aimed to soothe additional needs families at large events.”

“In the space between you and the work, is a bridge. My hope is that you cross that bridge and find some Joy there.” 


Map & Directions


Clyde Street Mall, Frankston