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The Embrace

Arts and Culture Frankston



"This mural is an expression of my hope for humanity. Often we find ourselves at ends with one another, tense and projecting our own hangups onto our fellow man. We need to begin to disarm ourselves, embrace our differences and come together. If we do this and learn to grow as a society humanity and our earth will reap the benefits for generations to come." Jason Parker.

Artist Bio
Jason Parker is a fine artist/mural artist from New Zealand currently living in Melbourne Australia.
His work is designed to be ambiguously evocative and emotive, rendering the spirit, states of consciousness, and capturing dreamlike moments. Jason often paints visual metaphor-type portraits, figures, and scenarios capturing the moments and feelings that language fails to express. His work of late can also be seen to subtly express his thoughts and feelings on the state of the world.
Consistently working on both studio and mural work Jason can be found moving from the confines of his studio, into the galleries and out onto the streets

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Map & Directions

Plaza Lane, Frankston 3199


Located on General Public wall, Plaza Lane. Lift tower wall.