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Order 55

Arts and Culture Frankston


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The painting almost breaks down time into frames, fragmenting the observer’s perception by creating space and moments of pause between each visible plane. Taking reference from nature, fantasy, science fiction and exploring perception beyond the traditional five senses, the paintings create surreal universes and resemble energy more so than matter.


Artist Bio:
Seb Humphreys is an Australian visual artist known for his large scale mural work and sculptures that explore the intersection of nature and the modern urbanized world. As a mural artist, Humphreys goes under the moniker ‘Order55’ and is recognised internationally for his distinctive style of transparently layered abstract paintings. He has many public works throughout Europe and the Americas, as well as many successful projects over the last 15 years operating in Australia and New Zealand.

The Adelaide artist Order 55, is intrigued by the relationships between geometric forms and the growth patterns within nature. Finding an aesthetic balance between these two forces is a common thread of his work. 

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3 Stiebel Place, Frankston VIC 3199