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Order 55

Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842


Seb Humphreys took on the moniker 'Order' in the year 2000, the journey of style development originated with the search of letter experimentation and the integration of subtle and complex forms tied to the name Order. As times have rolled out, the reliance on letters as a structural base has been left behind, with the forms emancipated from these confines and finding their own ends as individual marks. "Over the last year and a half the murals I’ve been painting have shifted in style quite considerably, from a definite organically flowing form to now more of a geometric and organic interdependence, with almost mechanical features in some instances.

These forms now seek to tell stories or show a series of interactions and collisions utilising their inherent symbolic nature. However, the ambiguity of such arrangements request that the viewer subjectively decode the work - thus interlocking the viewers personal search for meaning with the works emphasis upon multiplying and obscuring any precise meanings."

Adelaide artist Order 55 is intrigued by the relationships between geometric forms and the growth patterns within nature. Finding an aesthetic balance between these two forces is a common thread of his work. 


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3 Stiebel Place, Frankston VIC 3199