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Not All is Lost

Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842


Andrew Frazer is a full-time, multidisciplinary artist from Gelorup, Western Australia. Influenced by common shared stories that remind us of our humanity, Andrew’s art draws upon our inner-child through subtle textures, whimsical characters & imaginative driven landscapes. From public murals, hand lettering, design & illustration, Andrew has been commissioned by various clients from around the world in commercial & private settings.

In extension to his own practise, Andrew is the Founder & Creative Director of Six Two Three Zero - an independent, Bunbury based initiative that seeks to use street art as a catalyst for urban development & social change by bringing communities together in conversation & creative inspiration. It is responsible for commissioning over 30+ large scale murals in Bunbury’s CBD, with expansion into Armadale’s CBD in 2017-2019.

Andrew lives 2 hours south of Perth in a bush property. His piece is commemorative of the 2020 bushfire season that decimated property, wildlife and human lives. It begins on the far side of Wells Lane with fire and progresses through char and then regrowth. Indigenous flora are featured, indicative of the need for heat to regenerate. His work is illustrative, using soft, whimsical palettes.

Andrew says this work is an “ode to what was and a celebration of what’s to come”. His piece is also market in time as we are in the midst of global impacts of COVID-19. He feels that as the world is collectively slowing down, pieces like this give the time to slow down, pause, reflect and connect. “Art is a snapshot of a moment in time.”

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82 Wells Street, Frankston