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Returning to her home town of Frankston to make this work, Rich has focused on her relationship to the environment. Abstract shapes come from cellular structures to represent pathways and a return to home. A contorted body hangs from the roof, feeling unsettled but also somewhat comfortable. The colours flow across the three sides of the building to create a cohesive yet multi-faceted work.


Artist Bio:
Abbey Rich is a multidisciplinary artist working across canvas, walls and the body. Once at the helm of a fast growing fashion label and showing at VAMFF, Rich is now an exhibiting artist managing an impressive list of freelance contracts, painting murals for the likes of Monash University, Bailey Nelson and countless retail spaces.

Rich’s work focuses primarily on the organic relationships we foster between each other and the natural world. Her work has been featured in publications such as i-D, VICE and Frankie magazine and exhibited in gallery spaces such as forty-five downstairs, No Vacancy Gallery and more.

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