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Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842


'Silence’ is a self-taught aerosol artist with experience spanning 25 years. Raised in the suburbs of Frankston, Silence has experienced and been part of the evolution of Melbourne graffiti and street art culture for most of his life. 

Silence is known for his clean, sharp, strong lines, his attention to detail and determination for perfection. 

His work is abstract, contemporary, reflective and draws on nostalgia from the 80's and 90's. He enjoys experimenting with a dynamic combination of recycled materials such as pipes, rust and 3D objects to add texture, depth, and emphasis of a concept. 

Silence has collaborated with local, interstate and international artists producing countless art works for non-profit organisations, private collectors, businesses and his own personal projects.

Traditionally Silence is a graffiti artist using letter forms, lines and colours. He is part of the local street art scene.

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Gallery Lane, Frankston