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Flower Girl

Arts and Culture Frankston


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Created in April and May of 2019 this collaboration between Bayside Centre Vicinity Centres, The Bunurong Land Council and Melbourne's Murals, the Flower Girl was launched at the end of May 2019 during Reconciliation Week. 

They painted the Flower Girl with the bouquet in front of her face so she can be anyone, regardless of age. 

The Indigenous dress pattern was designed by Brianna Webster, a local Bunarong artist, the half circles represent people sitting around the fire (the dot in between) listening to the elders. The wavy lines represent water ways and the land.


Artist Bio:
Brigitte and Melissa are visual storytellers with 40 years’ experience and a keen eye for detail. They teamed up ten years ago to beautify walls in streets, homes and businesses. They love the large scale canvases that the streets offer.
Painting in abstract and realism, Melbourne Murals tell whatever story the surface, site or customer wants to reveal. The love of wildlife is their passion. They strive to bring a visual awareness to the plight of our endangered animals and hope that they can remind everyone just how amazingly wonderful our earth is.

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Map & Directions

25R Ross Smith Ave E