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Arts and Culture Frankston


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Clap Meataxe is a Melbourne Street Artist who was inspired by the colourful artwork spanning the train lines he used to travel as a teenager, a love of spray can art was born. Meataxe took this love and channeled it into a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from RMIT University and graduated in 1998.

He is an accomplished spray paint muralist specialising in photorealistic work on the small or large scale. Since making the move to full time artists, Meataxe and his crew of talented artists' works now grace the inside and outside of some of the world’s most prominent and successful gym chains and other businesses. Their aim is to not only complete the work to their customer’s needs and satisfaction, but also to inspire those frequenting and working within the space in a way they’ve never been inspired before. Art has a way of reaching right into the soul of anyone who is near it – proven by the amount of international press and recognition that has come their way since their inception in 2011.

Meataxe specialises in very detailed ‘pointillist’ painting style to create photorealistic works featuring the human face and body. He has a fascination with body builders and many of his works have been commissioned for the walls of gymnasiums.

His recent work have explored images of bodies moving through water, including this work commissioned for The Big Picture Festival.

Meataxe works with aerosol paints.

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Gallery Lane, Frankston VIC