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The artist’s intent was to use water to express the energy and connection Frankston has to the shoreline while recognising the troubling side to Frankston. The two needed to be merged in some way, or Emerge. In the deep depths, pulled down. In the beauty, but trapped by the beauty also. Breathing is pure, but breathing is short lived.


Artist Bio:
CLAP Meataxe is an accomplished spray paint muralist specialising in photorealistic work on the small or large scale. He started painting in the very early 90's with the Melbourne graffiti underground culture.

“I feel in love with the world around me. The endless nights alone, in the darkness, in the shadows, creating beauty where there once was none,” said the artist.

His lettering slowly evolved into more figurative, artistic styles. “Although I wasn't blessed with natural artistic talent, I wanted to be so desperately. I barely slept for years, pushing and pushing my craft,” he explains.

CLAP Meataxe was eventually accepted into RMIT University and completed an Associate Diploma in Visual Arts and Bachelor Arts Degree in Fine Art. It was here everything started to click and his style evolved. 

At that time, Melbourne had few legal walls and they were extremely hard to come by. The Brunswick Culture was just emerging and galleries had not yet started to advocate for street art. For CLAP Meataxe this didn’t stop the creative process. 

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