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Dreaming Beyond Duality

Arts and Culture Frankston



Dreaming beyond duality [2021] Enamel and Acrylic on wall. A speculative inquiry into the possible architecture of reality: Cause and effect; Night and day; Cold and hot; life and death; Joy and Suffering. Seemingly dualistic laws that govern the human experience. The artist is asking the question: Where does the phenomena of consciousness exist?  beyond it all? And is this scale of existence in place to give our reality definition?

Artist Bio
Peter ‘CTO’ Seaton is a Melbourne based, Urban Contemporary artist. Born in London, England and moving to Auckland, New Zealand as a youth followed by his final move to Melbourne, Australia. After Studying Fine Art at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Peter developed a comprehensive understanding of the gallery space yet he felt he wanted to make art available to the general public. This wave of thinking coincides with the rise of what some would coin the biggest art movement in history: Street Art & Graffiti. Peter’s work is a pursuit to expose the intangible aspects of the human condition. Ideas that we all innately and inherently are a part of an advanced intelligence which permeates all things are explored using the human form, colour and geometry.  Peter has undergone work around Australia, New Zealand, South American, Europe and Asia however  you can find a high concentration of his work on walls within the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

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