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Digital Still Life

Arts and Culture Frankston



"This painting is part of an ongoing exploration of the blurry line between digital and physical modes of creating and perceiving.
The work operates as a tromp l’oeil, a type of painting that creates a visual illusion of depth and physicality. Traditionally tromp l’oeil is about creating a realistic representation of a real world object, whereas this painting is a representation of 3D rendered abstract shapes - simultaneously handmade and computer rendered, 2D and 3D, physical and digital.
This work also contains an augmented reality (AR) element, if you visit the filter tab on my profile @dave.court on instagram, you should be able to activate a filter called ‘Big Pic Frankston’ which will be triggered by aiming your camera at the painting." Dave Court. 

Artist Bio
Dave Court is an Adelaide based multi-disciplinary artist working in areas of painting design and installation.
Current work includes large scale mural painting, event activation, venue design and creation of immersive installations.
After graduating with Visual Arts honours specialising in painting in 2013, Dave was involved with award winning immersive art project Mr IST. Other major projects include running ethical clothing brand foolsandtrolls, retail store / art space Created Range and working as creative director of Yewth Magazine, as well as ongoing freelance work and art practice.Dave’s practice is based around painting, and has expanded to include experimental aspects of photography, video, performance, installation and collaboration.


Map & Directions

16 Playne St, Frankston VIC 3199


Roof top of General Public Melbourne. Access via Davey Street and up ramp.