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Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842


1977*:               La Victoria / Venezuela

1991:                Start to paint

1995 - 1999:     Training in graphic-design school

2000 - 2002:     Working in different graphic agencies

2005 - Current: Studio / Munich

From 2000 on, SatOne has continuously developed a distinctive visual language that differs from figurative representation, transformed into graphic abstraction and intense colour compositions.Continuing the idea of Impressionism not to depict things according to a photographic ideal, but only to capture their impressions of the subconscious, SatOne leaves the interpretation to the viewer‘s perception.

The primary focus of his work is contemporary murals to create an artistic and social point of reference. Large scale visualizations are to be defined via the cultural reference to the immediate surroundings, including architectural and functional components. By influencing urban space and architecture, places of reflection and dialogue can arise. SatOne lives and works in Munich. In addition to worldwide exhibitions, his mural projects can be found in the following countries: Arab Emirates, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, UK, France, India, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Lebanon, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, USA.

“A counterbalance is a force that balances another as when two objects of equal weight, energy or influence are acting in opposition to each other. These objects are then said to be in counterbalance.“  

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33 Beach St, Frankston