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Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842

SatOne was born in 1977 in Venezuela and since 1979, he has been living in Munich.


As a skilled graphic designer, SatOne developed his interest in graffiti in 1992. He has since developed his very own style in an intensive way that includes a formal vocabulary, that perpetrated a fascinating middle course between technocracy and the artwork of imaginary worlds.

As an experimental artist, SatOne has continued to develop his interest in graffiti until it became a unique formal vocabulary that conjures up a landscape of science fiction and imaginary worlds. His work are futuristic and abstract, yet still express emotion and humanity through their organic forms and recognizable faces. His skillful mixture of a powerful graphic style with improvised abstract elements opens up dimensions in which graphic design, illustration and abstract art melt into an inseparable unity.

SatOne uses aerosol paints

SatOne says painting on the street is a big attraction for artists. Where else but on the street do they have such a large audience and such an unadorned form of dialogue? He doesn't deny that it is a form of vanity. He also loves that when writing on the streets, he has many conversations with nice people that are usually very honest and spontaneous.



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33 Beach St, Frankston