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The title of the work Aghi in english means needles.

The painting is a seam between reality and dream, where matter loses its physical properties as well as space. The dream becomes a window on another reality.


Artist Bio:
Vesod was born in Turin, Italy in 1981 where he lives and works. His father, Dovilio Brero, a surrealistic painter, has fostered Vesod’s artistic attitude. Vesod has been developing an interest in the graffiti world since the beginning of the 1990s and recently begun his professional path. For ten years, he had developed a personal painting language in which the graffiti plays a central role, while dedicating time to his own cultural and academic education.

Mathematics has been a focus of his academic studies and has an important impact on his works along with renaissance art and futurism. This is recognised in Vesod’s attempt to harmonise anatomic proportion and futuristic dynamics.

Vesod creates a personal language in which time is a concept and is crystallised into geometric shape in order to revisit the idea of the eternal present.

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48 Beach Street, Frankston