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Adrian Doyle

Arts and Culture Frankston


Phone: 1300322842

Adrian Doyle a.k.a Doyle, is a Melbourne-based artist, best known for his paintings, murals, installations and large-scale public artworks. He grew up in Frankston and began his art life scribbling on trains, playing in drain and exploring abandoned buildings. As he got older, he managed to get into art school. He is currently completing his PhD on the impact that urban art has made on the fine art scene in Melbourne.


He set up his first studio in 1996 in Prahran, and in 2001 as he was finishing his Master of Fine Art at Victorian College of the Arts, he was lucky enough to acquire the lease for 110 Franklin Street, Melbourne – which would become the home of The Blender Studios for the next 16 years. It was here that the foundations for both the Melbourne street art scene and Doyle’s own art career were laid.

The Blender Studios has been influential in the changing cultural landscape of Melbourne’s urban art movement, remaining as one of the last independent large-scale studios left in the CBD. Over the last 16 years, he has played a key role in the Australian fine art and street art scene with his work extending from solo exhibitions to large-scale commissioned public art and installations.

Doyle has exhibited internationally and is in public and private collections worldwide, including The National Gallery of Australia and Victorian Collage of the Arts. Through his work he explores the house is a universal icon and in its simplest form it is one of the most recognised images on earth. It has many variations though culture and climate. Yet, the overall association with the home is generally the same worldwide.

For many the home is the height of success. The Holy Grail. For others it is unattainable. Or a prison of balanced books and responsibility. The house is where people live out their lives. It is the mitochondria of everyday existence. Doyle loves houses and homes. He is fascinated by the designs, history and all that goes on inside. Houses come together to create vast suburbs. Row after row of dreams, happiness and sorrow, scar the earth to become the new, modern landscape.


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9A Thompson St, Frankston VIC 3199