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All this Mayhem

Arts and Culture Frankston


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All This Mayhem is an acknowledgement to the troubled Melbourne skateboarders, the Pappas brothers, who fell from grace after a hedonistic lifestyle. The piece is a nod to Frankston’s positive cultural change and evolution of its identity.


Artist Bio:
Tristan Kerr (born Melbourne, 1985) is an artist and typographer whose work reflects on cultural diversity, consumerism and advertising, and the tensions between subjects who exist within these worlds, as he combines fragments of street signage, mark making, graffiti and abstraction through his works.

Through his practice, Kerr interrogates the ever-changing face of the city and its typographic ephemera, portraying the disregarded surfaces of urban life in his paintings, sculptures and large-scale installations. His fixation with fleeting urban street views was fuelled by the several years he spent working and exhibiting in Paris—as he noticed the disregarded shopfronts with fading hand-lettered signage, the sprawling graffiti and the torn metro posters that adorn the city's walls, forming part of its cultural archive.

Kerr’s works encourage people to stop, look and question their surroundings, considering other possibilities for what public space might constitute. Kerr has exhibited locally and throughout Europe. 

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20 Oslen Street, Frankston VIC 3199