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Sight Line art installation

Arts and Culture Frankston


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A nautical styled art installation along the pier.


From a distance, the most prominent built structure on the Frankston Waterfront is the Pier. Originally built in 1857 and extended in 1864, it serviced the local fishing community and weekend visitors, who would arrive by steamer from Melbourne. In the 1920s, one of these holiday groups, known as the ‘Gazekas’, would stage popular performances here, with hundreds of locals cramming every possible vantage point.

In recognition of its continuing importance as a site of leisure for the local community, the Frankston City Council has undertaken a major rejuvenation of the waterfront area. Specific arts projects have also been commissioned with funding through grants from the Victorian Government’s Community Support Fund and Arts Victoria.

On the pier itself, artist Louise Lavarack has created the sculptural installation Sight Line.  This interactive and engaging installation features wind vanes that sensitivity adjust to shifts in wind direction.  Directly referencing the pier supports, each pole in Sight Line is surmounted by a semaphore flag which together spell out a hidden text.

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Pier Promenade, Frankston