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Frankston perfectly blends a beachside nature holiday with an exciting city escape.

Accessible, fun and instagrammable, here you can experience something new, unique and powerful.

From vibrant street art and live music to adventures on water and land and award-winning brews, no day is the same.

So make today your day. Grab some mates, get the playlist ready, and take the drive down the coast.

Playful and bold, Frankston is a place for fun, colourful spontaneity.

You can’t create more time, but if you’re up for collecting moments, Frankston is for you. The time is now.

Read more about the pull of Frankston below or click here to read our epic four day friends funky town adventure. 

Frankston turns it up a notch

Discover why everyone is developing a crush on this coastal funky town 

Frankston is a city that’s constantly changing, and it’s got me curious. The locals seem to have a sense of playful bravado, that they’ve discovered something others are yet to cotton on to. Like it’s their own cheeky secret.

After too many cancelled plans, I’m filling my weekends again. I want to know, what’s the pull towards Frankston? With a couple of friends in tow, we drive along Port Phillip Bay, 45 minutes south from Melbourne to this coastal funky town. As they say, there’s no better time than now.

Next level street artStreet Art Tour small

I’m a street art lover, a regular to the laneways of Melbourne.  Frankston’s street art was creeping onto my radar, and then I saw they won the best Street Art Tour in Australia.

There are more than 50 street art pieces across Frankston’s buildings and laneways, so a walking tour definitely seemed the best way to see and understand the art.

When we meet our guide Steve, you can tell straight up he’s all about the art. Decked out in an Akubra hat and aviator sunnies, he’s ready to rock.  Leading you through the city, it’s clear he has a wealth of knowledge not just about the artwork, but also each artist and their stories. Many of Frankston’s artists  are regulars of Melbourne’s laneways too.  You can tell how proud Steve is that his hometown is part of the global street art scene.  

He shares a story about The Messenger, one of Frankston’s most photographed murals. It’s a huge life-size whale with a little boy sitting on a ninja turtle on its back, painted to a sunset backdrop. Who is the boy? Where are they going?  Well, you’ll have to do a tour to find out…

So, are the tours and reputation worth the glory? If measured on the calibre of the artists and the clear link between the art, the people and place, then yes, they deserve the kudos.

The local brewers get creativeMR Banks

Walking can make you a little ‘thirsty’.  Thankfully, Frankston has a small league of brewers and distillers ready to welcome us. They even have their own Beer and Spirits Trail

What do they have in common? They get a kick out of pushing the flavour boundaries and all have a loyal following.

Banks Brewing has been on the local brewery scene for over 5 years.  This legendary address continues its journey to being one of the hottest taphouses around Frankston.

We fluked the chance to meet the Head Brewer, Chris. Talking to him, he clearly has a passion for a good brew. He seems like the kinda guy that doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but is also really proud of what he’s created over the years.

The trail has seven stops including Dainton’s, who have their own undercover street art laneway, and Frankston Brewhouse, your live music Sunday session hot spot.   

While the live entertainment may have been in a bit of a coma these last couple of years, Frankston is charging ahead to reignite the scene with live music in venues across the city. Not surprising when you think this used to be the stomping ground of Tones and I. 

We head back to our accommodation, The Night Cap at the Cheeky Squire, creative hearts and bellies full.

A city of colour, a bay of fun  Peninsula Waterbike 2 resized

Keen to tick more off the ‘new’ list, we headed to the Frankston waterfront and tried out Peninsula Waterbikes.

A cross between an inflatable boat and an exercise bike, these are very fun, and surprisingly, easy to ride.  The only time my toes got wet was taking it into the water.  As we peddle towards the pier we see snorkelers who say  there is an artificial reef nearby where fish, coral and pot belly seahorses all call home. We add it to our ‘next time‘ list.   

If staying on land is more your thing, Frankston now have cool carbon neutral, e-bikes to explore the city on. We found some just out the front of our hotel, (unlocked them and paid using the Neuron app) and took the easy ride along the waterfront to Little Olly’s for coffee and toastie with a view from the iconic Olivers Hill.  It’s definitely ‘Instagrammable’ with just a touch of bragable.

So do I now know the secret? Was it the street art? The breweries? The waterfront? The people? It was all of it.

Frankston blends its city, people, and coast together to create a destination for fun and spontaneity. I come away from this weekend feeling like I have my own sense of cheeky bravado. I’m in on the Frankston secret.

The time is now. We’ll be back Funky Town.