Journey – Past, Present, Future

Frankston City Public Art



Evelyn Park Sculptures by Antone Bruinsma.

Artists interpretation: "Inspired by canoe forms, these sculptures symbolise humanity’s desire for travel, trade, sport and play. Movement is vital for our mental wellbeing and personal growth, which benefits the communities we live in. The canoe forms represent the importance of Frankston’s location and cultural connection to its waterways as a gateway for recreation, travel and commerce, in the past and present, and continuing into the future.”

Located Evelyn Street Park, Frankston.

  • Materials: Helidon Freestone

About the artist

Antone Bruinsma is an Australian-based sculptor with more than 35 years of professional experience, moving to Australia with his family from Amsterdam, Holland at the age of 12. 

Antone’s love for art started with enjoying spending time with his father, a Dutch artist and painter, in his art studio. After art college, Antone became a full-time sculptor, creating sculptures for public and private spaces. He held positions on the Warana Festival Committee Brisbane, the Crafts Council Queensland and Society of Sculptors Queensland (president 1983—1985), to promote public art and sculpture in Queensland and Australia. 

Antone’s motivation is to present meaningful sculpture for public display or private enjoyment. Antone lives and works in the Gold Coast hinterland and has worked in other places like Taiwan, China and around Australia to create sculptures for some amazing places and communities. 

Antone has created hundreds of sculptures and he never tires of the journey of creation. Antone runs workshops from time to time to share his love of art and sculpture with others. The rest of the time, you'll find him in his outdoor studios creating sculptures for private commissions and public art projects.

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Map & Directions

Evelyn Street Park, Frankston