Pyrite Cubes Lighting

Frankston City Public Art



Frankston Principal Pedestrian Network was developed by Frankston City Council and ASPECT Studios in 2013, working closely with the local community to develop a plan to promote walking as the primary mode of transport in the city and improve exploration of Frankston’s central laneways. To enhance community safety and eliminate waste dumping and graffiti, Gallery Lane hosts a sequence of lighting and art components, with the concept developed by artist Taj Alexander. By incorporating Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles, these works have enlivened the lane and support community activation and promote a safer pedestrian route.

Artist Statement - Taj Alexander
Drawn to the beauty and simplicity of Pyrite's crystalline structure, the concept for these works was developed around themes of luminosity, reflectivity and adaptability. This collection of distinct sculptures illuminate the thoroughfare along Gallery Lane at night whilst also providing captivating reflections of the sky and surrounding buildings during the day.

“I was interested in how the sculptures could appear to have grown or erupted (like crystals) from the space rather than applied to the walls as an after thought. I wanted people to have the impression that the cubes had formed naturally over time as a reflection of how community and place is crystallised over time to form identity.”

Working with the existing structure of Gallery Lane, it was clear that any larger, sculptural element would need to be integrated into the vertical walls so as not interfere with the access through the laneway. These lights have been designed to reflect the gradual evolution of the community over time and most importantly create a sense of safety and familiarity while walking the streets at night. The geometric lines that interact with the cubes, folding over the facets of the wall, represent the interweaving paths and stories of the people that trace the streets of the surrounding area each day.

You can view more of Taj Alexander's work here.

Map & Directions

Gallery Lane, Frankston 3199