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Filip Roca is an independent visual and new media artist based in Barcelona, working in the field of animation, motion graphics and art direction. His work has been presented worldwide at festivals and institutions like: Signal Festival, Fete des Lumieres Lyon, Illuminate Adelaide, Thyssen Bornemisza Madrid, Wonderspaces, Fjord Oslo, Genius Loci Weimar, iMapp, Krug Sveta Moscow, Night Lights, Noor Riyadh and Sharjah Light Festival.

Don's miss Filip Roca's projection animation 'State' at The Big Picture Fest Night Walk. You can read more about the work below. 

“In physics, a state of matter is one of the definite forms in which matter can exist. There are four fundamental states that we can find in everyday life: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. All these states have different properties in their atom structure. A solid-state has a fixed volume and shape, as their atom structure is close together and settled into a place. A liquid state is made of tiny vibrating atoms, maintains a fixed volume, but changes its form adapts to fit its container. Gas and plasma states have a variable in both volume and shape. Their particles (atoms) are not fixed, and they are moving freely. State is a 7-minute long audio-visual piece that revolves and studies the physical world’s structure and aggregate state of the matter. The main inspiration for this work comes from these physics rules. It exposes the matter’s relativity visually, and all its phases and transition forms in-between.” Filip Roca