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  • Frankston Waterfront Boardwalk

    The Visitor Information Centre, located near Frankston Pier, at the end of Pier Promenade, is a central place from which to base your activities. There is ample car parking, with toilets, a children’s playground, picnic tables and barbecues.

    Fishing off the Frankston Pier is a popular
    activity. A boat ramp and trailer parking is
    available. The impressive Landmark Bridge is a focal point of this attractive precinct. From here, you can walk south along the boardwalk to Olivers Hill and return along the beach.

    This walk could be extended by crossing Nepean Highway at Liddesdale Avenue to enter Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve.
    Alternatively, head north from the Visitor Information Centre, and admire the stunning sea views as you cross Landmark Bridge to the new Frankston Yacht Club building. Take either the dune boardwalk, or follow the creek along Kananook Creek Boulevard, which will bring you to Wells Street and the Life Saving Club. You can extend this walk by continuing north along either Gould Street or Kananook Boulevard, joining up with the Kananook Creek Trail at Beach Street. Follow this delightful scenic trail beside the creek, crossing several historic footbridges, as you wind your way towards Seaford.

    Location: Frankston
    Melway Ref: 99 D10,102 B4
    Area: 18 ha
    Special Features: Boardwalks,
    clean beach
    Walking tracks: 1km+ 2km
    Walking time: ¼ hour + ½ hour
    Pets: Dogs on leash permitted;
    restrictions apply between
    December 1 and March 31
    Managed by: Frankston City Council
    Public toilets available
    Information: 1300 322 322

    Please help by keeping off the dune areas and keeping your dog on a lead at all times.
    Please also clean up after your dog for the sake of other visitors and the environment.

  • Sweetwater Creek Nature Walk

    Sweetwater Creek is a natural habitat
    corridor from its south of Frankston Nature
    Conservation Reserve, to Port Phillip
    Bay. Close to the mouth of the creek lies
    Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve, a peaceful
    oasis tucked in amongst nearby houses.
    A refuge for indigenous plants and animals,
    the reserve is one of Frankston’s hidden
    jewels. Visitors can walk along the paths
    following the creek through steep gullies,
    waterfalls and remnant woodland and
    marvel at the peace and tranquility in the
    midst of suburbia.

    Stroll along the picturesque walking paths
    and boardwalks, and enjoy views of the
    creek, waterfalls and bushland. Lookouts,
    bridges and seats provide resting
    points where you can stop, look and listen
    for birdlife and frogs.
    “The Granites” is a particularly beautiful
    spot where the creek has carved out its
    path around large rocky outcrops and
    You can extend your walk beyond the
    northern end of the reserve by crossing
    Nepean Highway to join the Frankston
    Foreshore boardwalk.

    Walk along the Main Track to the Circuit and
    return to the Heathland Track for a short side
    tour through the heathland vegetation. Two
    foot bridges provide access from Sycamore
    Road and Lawson Avenue, adding an
    interesting vantage point from which to view
    the creek.
    It is a peaceful reserve in which to take a
    quiet walk, jog or just appreciate nature.

    Location: Frankston South
    Melway Ref: 102 A5
    Area: 13 ha
    Special features: Creek, remnant
    vegetation, “the Granites”
    Best flowering time: Spring
    Birds: 40+ species
    Walking tracks: Network of over
    2.5km: main track from Liddesdale
    Avenue to Baden Power Drive 1.3km
    Walking time: 1/2 hour
    Managed by: Frankston City Council
    and Melbourne Water
    Pets: Dogs on lead permitted
    Information: (1300 322 322

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